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Welcome aboard Homarus, where our journey began not just with a challenge, but a deep dive into the world of marine sustainability.

In the early 2000s, a decline in lobster landings in the Southern Gulf of St. Martin was observed. Lawrence set the Maritime Fishermen’s Union (MFU) on a mission: to enhance lobster stocks and build sustainable fisheries. This mission led to the creation of Homarus Inc. in 2001, an institute for research, development, and innovation in fisheries science.

Located in Shediac, NB, a town known for the world’s largest lobster, Homarus has been at the forefront of varied research initiatives. Our pursuits range from ensuring the viability of the lobster populations with seeding programs and helping with habitat enhancement projects, to vigilant lobster resource monitoring. We also dive into environmental research, tackling issues like oceanic contaminants, global climate change, and economic currents with projects focusing on lobster quality and artificial bait.

Believing firmly in the power of public education, in 2013, we launched the Homarus Eco-Centre at the Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf. This facility was our experimental hub, where we were able to explore a multitude of lobster-related educational themes and hands-on experiences. It wasn’t just a learning center; it was an interactive gateway into the world of lobsters.

Our Eco-Centre quickly became a success, drawing in roughly 5000 visitors each summer. Building on the success in our small Eco-Centre, we’ve now evolved into a larger, state-of-the-art facility that encapsulates all of our knowledge and expertise.

So, come and explore with us at the Homarus Centre, where our passion for lobsters and marine life keeps expanding. We’re here to make a splash in marine research and education, offering an enriching experience in Shediac, a gem among tourist destinations.

Join us on this exciting voyage of discovery and fun!

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Homarus aims to carry out relevant research ensuring the sustainability of marine biodiversity while educating and supporting the decisions of fishermen and their communities.

Homarus represents an important partner in science and sustainable development of coastal fisheries in the Maritime provinces.


Discover the passionate individuals at Homarus, each bringing unique expertise and enthusiasm to our mission of ensuring viable fisheries. Our team, comprising of biologists, technicians, engineers and educational coordinators, is the driving force in our journey towards a sustainable and thriving maritime world.


Pierre Dupuis

As our Director since 2021, Pierre oversees various initiatives, including ghost gear retrieval and fisheries technology innovation. His favorite sea creature is the North Atlantic right whale, and he's actively engaged in MFU liaison, Homarus Centre management, and the Whalesafe Gear project.

Assistant Director - Marine Ecosystem and Education

Maryse Cousineau

A member of the team since 2012, Maryse's favorite sea creature is the Coral. She manages the Homarus Centre, leads long-term water quality monitoring, works on scallop buffer zone classification, and is dedicated to developing ocean science educational tools and a ghost gear recycling program.

Assistant Director, Science and Resource Management

Louis Ferguson

Louis, who started in 2017, provides crucial support to MFU on species management and science. His favorite sea creature is the Vampire Squid, and he manages the lobster hatchery and seeding, explores alternative sea scallop fishing, and fosters industry liaisons.

Senior Research Technician

Cindy Laplante

With years of experience under their belt, Cindy, who started in 2013, specializes in at-sea lobster sampling, artificial reefs, dockside rock crab sampling, and scuba diving. Her favorite sea creature is the Cunner, and she's currently involved in these ongoing projects.


Nicolas Paquet

Nicolas, who began in 2022, plays a vital role in maintaining our aquarium and caring for marine animals. His favorite sea creature is the Lobster, and he's involved in aquarium maintenance, animal care, sea floor sonar imaging, and ROV operation.


Meghan Fraser

Meghan, who joined us in 2022, is already making waves in our team. Her favorite sea creature is the Lumpfish, and she's actively engaged in at-sea lobster sampling, long-term water quality monitoring, scuba diving, and rock crab tagging.



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